Armidale welcomes Sisters of the Immaculata

The Sisters of the Immaculata pray before the Blessed Sacrament in Hobart last year (Hobart Archdiocese)

The Sisters of the Immaculata are preparing to establish a presence in the Armidale Diocese based at the cathedral parish in Armidale. Source: Armidale Diocese.

Since 2013, the sisters have primarily undertaken ministry in the Archdiocese of Hobart. Earlier this year they made the decision to return to the mainland.

Armidale Bishop Michael Kennedy said that he was delighted when the sisters approached him seeking to set up a house within the diocese.

“I have seen from afar the work of the sisters in Tasmania and I have been impressed by their devotion to the Lord Jesus and his mother, and with their missionary spirit and outreach, in particular to youth,” Bishop Kennedy said.

The establishment of a house for the sisters in Armidale Diocese has the blessing of Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous, who remains the competent authority for the Association.

“Whilst I was sad that the sisters left Tasmania, I wish God’s blessing upon them as they seek new directions for their life and ministry, including in the Diocese of Armidale,” Archbishop Porteous said.

Mother Mary Therese hopes that the community will be able to establish a house in Armidale before Christmas and that their annual mission school will take place in January 2022.


Diocese of Armidale welcomes the Sisters of the Immaculata (Armidale Diocese)  

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