Ipswich teenagers say ‘yes’ to following Jesus

The 19 Ipswich teenagers who took part in the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Teens program at St Mary’s Ipswich last month (The Catholic Leader)

A group of 19 newly baptised and confirmed Queensland teenagers said “yes" to following Jesus at St Mary’s Church in Ipswich last month. Source: The Catholic Leader.

The Ipswich students, 14 from St Mary’s College and five from St Edmund’s College, took part in the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Teens program.

Supported by the local parish and presided over by parish priest Franciscan Friar Fr Stephen Bliss, this was the largest contingent of students to participate in the program in recent years.

St Mary’s College campus minister Felicity Jones walked with the students on their RCIT journey.

“This year, we had 19 people say ‘yes’ to following Jesus – what a wonderful blessing for our whole community,” Ms Jones said.

“I am so proud of how the girls journeyed, and I am grateful to have been by their side each moment. It is wonderful to see so many young people exploring their faith, and taking Jesus into their heart.”

Year 8 SMC student Mia Harris is one of the new Catholics.

“Seeing someone young and relatable like Felicity so passionate about her faith made me want to explore my own faith and relationship with God,” Mia said.

“I made some great new friends from the program, and really developed my faith.

“We had to trust one another to make it through the program, and it was great to know Felicity always had our backs.”

Ms Jones said she looks forward to continuing her work with the students in the RCIT program as they deepen their faith and participate in the religious life of the college and parish.


Meet the Ipswich teenagers making God part of their lives (The Catholic Leader

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