Lecture series to explore Catholic history and identity

The online lecture series is free,  with the first lecture to be delivered tomorrow (Melbourne Catholic)

What does it mean to be Catholic? Philosopher John Haldane will explore that question in the first of a six-part virtual lecture series, hosted by Melbourne Archdiocese and Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Professor Haldane is one of the world’s pre-eminent thinkers in moral philosophy and education.

“We need to probe deeper into the foundations and development of Catholicism and look at its religious and cultural roots, and at the very idea of the Catholic Church,” Professor Haldane said.

“This means going to its origins in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the experience of the apostles in making sense of these, as well as in founding communities based upon them, in which those teachings were preserved and transmitted to the wider world.”

The series will explore Catholicism’s historical and cultural roots, looking at its beginnings in Judaism and the new universal covenant established through Jesus Christ.

Professor Haldane will then explore how early Christian thinkers drew upon Greek philosophical and Roman political and legal thought to create a comprehensive understanding of the human condition and the nature and role of the Church in mediating our relationship to God.

From there, he will explore the meaning of “Catholic identity” and the role of the medieval Church in establishing institutions and structures of higher education, in founding religious orders to teach, preach and care for the growing urban populations, and how the Church through the centuries has and must continue to grapple with “being in the world but not of it”.

The Catholic Contribution is a free virtual series and the first lecture will be delivered tomorrow, October 14, from 4-5pm. All other lectures will then be available to watch online. Details: Professor Haldane's lecture series


Prof John Haldane asks: “What does it mean to be Catholic?” (Melbourne Catholic

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