Proposed NSW laws ‘just plain wrong’

Damien Tudehope (Facebook/Damien Tudehope)

A senior Perrottet Government minister has spoken out against proposed New South Wales laws seeking to legalise euthanasia, a measure that signals “ending your life is a good option”. Source: The Australian.

Finance Minister Damien Tudehope has argued that any move to legalise assisted suicide would be “plain wrong” and inconsistent with recent efforts undertaken across the Government to protect vulnerable cohorts.

Supporters of the legislation appear to be close to securing a majority of votes, with some MPs previously opposed to euthanasia appearing to signal a shift in their position on the eve of the bill being introduced to Parliament.

Neither Mr Perrottet nor Labor leader Chris Minns are supporting the bill. However, their parties, along with those of the crossbench, will allow a conscience vote on the matter.

In addition to opposing the bill, Mr Tudehope added that its timing was “beyond belief”.

“After everything we have been through as a state, it is hard to understand how we could soon be considering a law that will effectively allow state sanctioned killing of those who are most in need of our care – it is just plain wrong,” he wrote in an opinion piece written for The Australian.


Assisted dying bill all wrong, says NSW minister Damien ­Tudehope (By Yoni Bashan, The Australian)


Push for Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill after Covid-19 lockdown in NSW is just plain wrong (The Australian

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