Former Anglican bishop explains why he became a Catholic

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali (Wikimedia/Oxtrad)

A former Anglican bishop said he hopes that by becoming a Catholic he can help the persecuted worldwide and “support Christians closer to home who are marginalised and hounded”. Source: CNA.

In an article for the Daily Mail newspaper on Sunday, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, England, explained why he became a Catholic within the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham on September 29.

The 72-year-old described entering into full communion with the Catholic Church as a “bittersweet moment”.

“Bitter, because I am deeply saddened that the Church of England is not the church I joined. There are many individual parishes, priests, and believers who remain committed to biblical faith and values. But as an institution it seems to be losing its way,” he said.

“Sweet, because I am excited about the opportunities that joining the ordinariate will bring: to uphold human rights and help millions of suffering Christians and others round the world. The Catholic Church is a truly united global organisation, which gives it strength.”

Dr Nazir-Ali, who is married with two children, hopes to be ordained as a Catholic priest within the ordinariate, a body created by Benedict XVI in 2011 for groups of former Anglicans seeking to preserve elements of their patrimony.

“The Catholic Church has had its share of problems, but the faith and values are those that I also hold and which I feel are being eroded in the Church of England. It might have been easier at the age of 72 to have remained where I was: to work from the inside to change the things that I feel so strongly about,” he wrote.

“Believe me, I have tried — but failed.”


Ex-Anglican bishop: As a Catholic, I want to help the persecuted abroad and marginalised Christians at home (CNA

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