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In his latest post, Leonardo Boff cites Robert Müller, a former top UN official born in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, who went on to found the University of Peace and became known as the "father of global education":

Robert Müller imagined a new retelling of the Biblical Genesis: the birth of a truly worldwide civilization, where, as a species, together with others, the human species assumes the mission of guaranteeing the sustainability of the Earth and of caring well for her and also for the Earth’s other beings.

Here is Müller's description of the final day of the new creation:

And God saw that humans retook God and the human person as their Alpha and Omega, reducing institutions, beliefs, politics, governments and other human entities to their roles as simple servants of God and of the people. And God saw them adopting as the supreme law that which says: «Love the God of the Universe with all your hearth, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. You will love your beautiful and marvelous planet and will treat it with infinite care. You will love your human brothers and sisters as you love yourself. There are no commandments bigger than these».

And God said: “It is good”. And that was the seventh day of the Planet of God».

* * *

Closer to home, John Menadue warns that "the Commonwealth and the States will blame each other for failure to agree on Gonski 'light':

It is a pattern we have seen so often over many years, particularly in health.

Federalism is just not working for us. It has become an obstacle to good government. The Commonwealth financial dominance will continue. The States are poor but proud and reluctant to concede jurisdiction.

* * *

Vexilla Regis has the story of Australia's first Catholic priest, Irishman Patrick Dixon:

In the aftermath of the Rebellion Father Dixon was arrested. Various traditions surround the reasons for his arrest including that he had been found to be wearing a medal inscribed " Erin Go Bragh", that he had been heard to sing a patriotic song and that he had administered the United Irishman's Oath to certain men. Whatever the case he was taken and imprisoned in Duncannon Fort and tried and sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted as in so many other cases to transportation for life.

Father Dixon arrived in the Colony of Botany Bay in January,1800 as a convict, but had nevertheless , been appointed by the Holy See as the first Prefect Apostolic of the primitive penal colony.His appointment must have been among the last acts of the Pontificate of Pope Pius VI who was himself at the time a prisoner of the French Revolutionary Directory and died before Father arrived in Botany Bay, still a prisoner.

* * *

Brisbane's Devett O'Brien, now secretary-general of the IYCS, makes the claim that Joseph Cardijn was "the first agent of the new evangelisation":

The New Evangelization is about the special new burst of energy the Church must have to proclaim Jesus Christ in all countries, even those of “ancient Christian tradition.” It is about reaching those people who may have already heard about Christianity but have not been truly exposed to the message and life of Jesus.

What Cardijn proceeded to do throughout his life was all directly in response to this question: “How can we evangelize and transform the lives of young people who believe God has nothing to say to them?”

* * *

Back in the USA, Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley reflects on the tragic events of the week:

[CardinalSeánsBlog] Mourning in the aftermath of the Marathon bombings: On Monday, Patriots’ Day, we were on t...

— Cardinal Seán (@CardinalSean) April 20, 2013

But he also warned against the death penalty as extending the "culture of death".

More locally Melbourne identity Father Bob Maguire shares the pain of Sydney's Anglican Father Dave Smith:

Mate Father Dave Smith, Dulwich Hill, after church burned 2 ground "We're fighters here, on the ropes now but not the canvas".

— FatherBob (@FatherBob) April 21, 2013

And he retweets his Triple JJJ colleague:

Very sad to hear @fatherdave's Syd church has burnt down. Boxing ring inside for local kids, I once boxed Dave there!…

— John Safran (@JohnSafran) April 21, 2013

Still making the news, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan invites us to check out his latest cyber venture:

I invite you all to visit my new website:

— Cardinal Dolan (@CardinalDolan) April 15, 2013

And more prayers sought for Bishop Michael of Townsville:

Lord, help Bp Michael continue to be strong in these days of adversity. Help all ill people find strength. Amen.…

— Pray for Bp Putney (@tsvHope) April 21, 2013

Michael MullinsStefan Gigacz is preparing a PhD. at MCD University of Divinity, Melbourne, on the role of Joseph Cardijn at Vatican II. 

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