Blogwatcher - Students and bishops aim to stop to child detention


Several Catholic groups, including the ACBC's Australian Catholic Migrant Office are taking part in a campaign to end the detention of children of asylum seekers.

A YCS media statement on the ACBC Media Blog has more details.

Holy Irritant Tony Robertson also weighs in:

One of the most interesting sites out there in social media land is the Media Blog for the Australian Catholic Bishops. Sadly it is also one of the most neglected if you go on the lack of comments to the posts. As well as an easy read site, the blog includes a handy list of tags for quick reference to topics covered.

The latest entry is worth sharing and supporting to raise awareness of the tragic effects of detention on Refugee children and Asylum Seekers. It seems that we need more resources such as this given the public position of Catholic politicians such as Tony Abbott who continue to ignore Catholic Social TeachiAngs on Refugees and Asylum Seekers. I hope one of the participating schools will invite politicians from both sides of the Parliament to visit them when they are on "Detention" during this campaign.

* * *

And a further challenge from Fr Bob:

ABCTV damning exposé of Oz use of concentration camps. We are now in the immoral position of collective culpable ignorance.

— FatherBob (@FatherBob) April 29, 2013

4 Corners talks the asylum seeker talk...."I was in prison and you visited me".....who will now walk the asylum seeker walk?

— FatherBob (@FatherBob) April 29, 2013

And Australia's policy on refugees is not the only problem concerning the YCS:

Just asked Timor Leste Ambassador about relationship with Australia and its oil resources 'the Australian state plays a hard ball game'

— Elise Ganley (@EliseGanley) May 1, 2013

* * *

Malaysia's controversial General Election took place yesterday. Catholic journalist Anil Netto has been blogging the issues at stake here. Another Catholic commentator Martin Jalleh accuses the incumbent government of lacking religious sensitivity by holding the election on Sunday.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia goes even further:

Christians are appalled at the despicable and heinous message on election campaign boards which has gone viral among Netizens recently (see photo).

The message asking “Do you want to see your grandchildren praying in Allah’s house” and with two pictures of churches with the Cross and the words “Gereja Allah” is incendiary and may pose a danger for Christians and Churches just because we use the word “Allah”. These fears are real given the recent history of Church burnings and threats to burn the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia.

* * *

No punches pulled by Pope Francis this week:

My thoughts turn to all who are unemployed, often as a result of a self-centred mindset bent on profit at any cost.

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) May 2, 2013

 * * *

Tom Jozwik remembers Dorothy Day:

“She was a newspaperwoman,” Jordan noted of Day. “She wanted a paper with a point of view. She wanted news, she wanted events.” The Catholic Worker, as “a radical journal,” included articles about tax resistance and prisoners, poverty and peacemaking, the labor movement in general and the United Farm Workers in particular – all the while stressing the Beatitudes.

“She wanted letters,” he added. “She felt letters really breathed life into the paper.”

Fillers, such as Gandhi’s statement “Christianity is profoundly revolutionary,” were printed. Lewis Mumford, Chavez, Dom Helder Camara and the president of Tanzania contributed articles. But “of all the writers,” according to Jordan, “Dorothy was the best. There’s no doubt about it.”

Jordan said he and other staffers “cooked and took care of the (St. Joseph) house and washed people’s feet,” in addition to journalistic efforts. Some 80-90,000 papers per run had to be folded by hand, Jordan remembered. St. Joseph House clients pitched in, which “gave people meaningful work.” Day admired individuals devoted to physical labor, he noted.

* * *

Over at Blog of a Country Priest, Fr John Corrigan is bemused if not pleased to find that his "humble blog has been named in Catholic Dating Site’s 100 totally awesome blogs by Catholic priests":

I’m joined in the list by another Aussie priest, Fr Richard Healy of the Diocese of Wollongong, who blogs at

The list is “arranged in no particular order,” but that hasn’t stopped a few Facebook friends congratulating me on my number 11 ranking.

The compilers of the list are good publicists. No one over there has actually read my blog — they’ve just plucked out a few of my main tags and described them out of context — but they have contacted all one hundred priests on the list and asked us to link to the list, “if you think that your readers may find it of interest.” Well, why not?

* * *

John Bingham warns against the wrath of church organists:

If new research is be believed, behind the quiet exterior the humble church organist is not someone to be crossed.

While charged with providing spiritually uplifting music to worshippers, it seems many also seize the opportunity to extract subtle revenge on clerics who have displeased them or simply play pranks on congregations.

A survey of churchgoers found that at least half have noticed their organist straying from the path of musical orthodoxy at some point – slipping snippets of heavy metal classics, advertising jingles and even nursery rhymes into hymns and anthems.

* * *

And finally John Thavis says Pope Benedict with have plenty of feline friends in his new home:

Pope Benedict will have cat company at his new digs in the Vatican. #PopeBenedict…

— John Thavis (@JohnThavis) May 2, 2013


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