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There's no getting around the fact that Congregation for Religious Life Prefect Cardinal Braz de Aviz was criticising the process followed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to John Thavis:

The Vatican on Tuesday issued a statement saying that Cardinal Braz de Aviz and Cardinal Muller had met Monday and "reaffirmed their common commitment" to the program of changes foreseen for the LCWR.

The statement blamed the media for its suggesting there was a divergence between the doctrinal and religious congregations at the Vatican "in their approach to the renewal of religious life."

Whatever spin the Vatican chooses to put on this, Cardinal Braz de Aviz was clearly criticizing the process by which the LCWR review was handled. He made it equally clear that he would support the doctrinal congregation's conclusions.

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Not all babies love Pope Francis, as this video shows

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In a post for Mother's Day,  Lisa Hendey, a Catholic wife and mom blogger from California, notes:

"Part of our vocation as mothers is to be within our home and do our work with love, and (as Catholic bloggers) we can also do work that draws people closer to Christ and his church."

There are no stats on the number of blogs operated by Catholic moms, but it is a growing "ministry" in this era of the new evangelization, said Hendey.

"There are comments, more voices and a real sense of being a part of a community," she said, describing the difference between a website and a blog. "You're not just reading something. It's much more interactive."

Mary DeTurris Poust is a Catholic mom blogger from the Diocese of Albany, N.Y., whose blog,, began about five years ago as a sort of "spiritual journal online."

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Enquiring minds! - RT @mcleod: What happens when students are simply free to learn?

— Greg Whitby (@gregwhitby) May 10, 2013

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Now an effort is under way in the US to reinvigorate the ranks of “labor priests”, writes Barbara Doherty at Catholic Labor Network:

This new network of labor priests aims to build a contemporary home for a century-old tradition of speaking out for workers’ rights and fighting against injustice alongside workers.

The Rev. Evelio Menjivar was among some 30 priests who attended a conference for labor priests in Chicago last May. He serves as parochial vicar at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, D.C.

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Prayers for Archbishop Coleridge today on the first anniversary of his installation as Archbishop of Brisbane

— Fr Adrian Sharp (@FrAdrianSharp) May 10, 2013

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In the wake of the 50th anniversary of Pope John's encyclical Pacem in Terris, Frank Cocozzelli recalls the Catholic social teaching pioneer John A. Ryan:

Monsignor John A. Ryan was a leader in the development of Catholic economic thought who also greatly influenced the New Deal — an economic paradigm that a small but influential group of Catholic neocons and economic libertarians has been trying to destroy.

Now, Walter J. Collins and I have started a production company, Social Impact Films in order to create socially conscious documentaries. Our first effort will be to set the record straight about Catholic economic teaching by telling Monsignor Ryan’s story. But in order to get this project off the ground, we need your help.

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Can't get away from Fr Bob at the moment:

@fatherbob Congrats! Your book Father Bob: The Larrikin Priest is at 16 in Bookscan's best-sellers and 7 in Indie list after just a week.

— Sue Williams (@suewilliams00) May 11, 2013

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British theologian John Milbank thinks that the push for gay marriage is part of the state’s “drive to assume direct control over the reproduction of the population”, writes Matthew Schmitz, who doesn't agree:

Heterosexual exchange and reproduction has always been the very “grammar” of social relating as such. The abandonment of this grammar would thus imply a society no longer primarily constituted by extended kinship, but rather by state control and merely monetary exchange and reproduction.

Milbank, the founder of “radical orthodoxy,” begins his argument by pointing out the impossibility of defining gay marriage in traditional terms of “consummation” and “adultery.” The impossibility of doing so means that marriage will “inevitably be redefined even for heterosexual people in homosexual terms.”

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 Philip Adams appears to be undergoing a conversion of sorts:

Can't walk these days.Choice of miracle at Lourdes or major surgery.Splitting the diff.Heading for Catholic Hospital in 3 weeks.

— Phillip Adams (@PhillipAdams_1) May 11, 2013

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In Sydney, Bishop Julian Porteous takes up a different angle of the same sex marriage debate:

Are we denying people their right to marry? The right to marry is a universal human right affirmed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Marriage as an institution, as we have noted, has a specific meaning and function. A person is not being denied a right to something which is not for them.

It is argued that same-sex couples can have children by means of donor sperm or eggs, or through adoption. To have children a same-sex couple must involve a third party. The child is not biologically linked to both members of the couple. Furthermore a child grows best from the contribution of a father and mother. Being denied the opportunity for the complementary contribution of a father and mother is unjust to the child.

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Final thought:

Stop looking for the perfect church. It does not exist. Even if it did exist, the moment you joined it, it would no longer be perfect.

— Nicky Gumbel (@nickygumbel) May 12, 2013

Michael MullinsStefan Gigacz is preparing a PhD. at MCD University of Divinity, Melbourne, on the role of Joseph Cardijn at Vatican II. 

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