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Learning about Mass and Liturgy

Well, I think the National Catholic Education Commission has just nailed it: the perfect website on the Mass for classroom purposes. 

This one contains important information on the theological background, roles and peoples, colours and actions that are involved in the Eucharistic Celebration – presented in concise format, accessible language, visually attractive graphics, interesting videos and interactive opportunities. 

And wait, fellow teachers! What makes this website a stunner is that at the end of each topic, it has quizzes, reflection and classroom activities that can be easily and readily executed as a lesson or as a piece of assessment. This website is an excellent resource for all students from the lower years to Year 12. 

I reckon all RE teachers should make this on top of their favourites for Mass and Liturgies. LINK

Digital Prayers

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a source of ready to use prayers that were also of high quality? 

Well, wish no more, as this website appears to be like a sea of prayers, both traditional and contemporary ones, on the digital world. It has lists of specific website with prayers on print, audio and video. 

This website is great for school liturgies and classroom prayers, particularly if you have laptop speakers where you could lead a group of students on a prayerful Christian meditation on a click of a mouse. 

The “pray as you go – daily prayer for MP3 prayers”, for example, has a digital audio prayer with music, good for upper primary and lower high school students. The “prayer site for children”, for example, does interactive activities for kids where they can enter names of people they pray for before a set of prayers comes up for them, good for lower primary years. 

Bookmark it now. LINK

The Holy Bible iPhone app

Perhaps this time, you can fully justify permitting iPhones in your classrooms, providing that you can monitor their dedicated attention to your activities. 

The Holy Bible app is free and students can explore the different versions and translations of the Holy Scripture. 

You can facilitate their knowledge on the structure and contents of the book or simply use it as an online resource for what was once a bulky bound book that was often left untouched in the students’ lockers or in the classroom’s front cupboard. 

I’d say this opportunity will best serve higher year levels or the senior years. LINK

The Ordo App

Because it is free and available online on the iPhone, the opportunity to organise and celebrate simple classroom liturgies such as the Liturgy of the Word is just made easier for teachers and students at any given day. 

Just like an ordinary ordo, it display the feast day, significance to liturgical colours and of course, biblical readings for the day. 

Again, it is great for students to study the changing liturgical readings according to church seasons. LINK

Tuxpi Photo Editor

This website allows users to upload a particular photo to be cropped, rotated, resized, duplicated, added with effects, added with colours, overlaid with texts, and transformed into a montage and other graphical displays. 

If you are looking for ways to engage students with creating a particular illustration or visual display of higher concepts such as justice, peace or charity, this will be it. Also, if you are looking for ways to engage kids with interpreting biblical personalities with modern day people, this website is perfect for such connection and interrelations, enabling them to create their own montage and juxtapositions. 

Try it now. LINK

Erwin CabucosErwin Cabucos is a migrant from the Philippines, an ethnic radio broadcaster and a teacher of Senior English and Religion at Carmel College, Brisbane.

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Daily Prayer

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