CSSA urges upcoming Budget to be based on equity

Call for fairness

Catholic Social Services Australia has urged the Australian Government to use equity as its chief guiding principle as it develops the 2016-17 Federal Budget.

Marcelle Mogg, CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia, has called on the Australian Government to invest in communities, families, and individuals in order to strengthen social cohesion, participation, and wellbeing.

“In its last two Budgets, this Government has made $1 billion in cuts to vital community services, resulting in greater hardship for the most vulnerable people,” Ms Mogg said in a statement released yesterday.

“If the Government thinks we need any future expenditure cuts they should be directed at those sectors of society that have the means and the opportunity to support themselves.

“Further cuts to the income and support services available to vulnerable Australians will not result in mutually desired increases in employment, economic and social participation.

“Cuts to income and support services will only put more people at undue risk of becoming entrenched in poverty and disadvantage and that will only cost the economy more in the long-term.

The Dropping off the Edge 2015 report clearly showed that there were already a number of communities in Australia experiencing persistent and complex entrenched disadvantage.

“High levels of unemployment, low levels of income and education, housing stress, and high incidences of family violence and criminal offending are consistently present in these communities.

“All these factors combined, form a web of disadvantage severely limiting the life opportunities of individuals over successive generations,” Ms Mogg concluded.


CSSA pre-budget submission (Catholic Social Services Australia)

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