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For those wanting a different experience on their next pilgrimage to Rome, Gazebike is a family-owned bike shop and tour company that works together with the Museum of Urban Art, or as it is commonly called, "muromuseum."

- Rome Reports

The collection of works of street art murals and graffiti art serves as an open-air museum that is free to the public.

Gazebike serves as an alternative way of taking a tour in Rome, by providing a historical insight on the quaint Quadraro neighbourhood's emergence from a dark past.

More than 700 men from Quadraro were taken by the Nazis and deported to concentration camps in Poland. For Rome, this was one of biggest raids, second only to the events that took place in the Ghetto district in October 1943, when more than 1000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz.

Marco Buratti, co-founder of Gazebike, says: "The difference between our official tour and the other ones is that our guide is a person who knows very well the artist because he is the assistant of every artist that came here from Italy, sometimes from Rome, but sometimes also from US, from all over the world.”


Gazebike: A bike tour company in Rome that takes you off the beaten path

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