Lessening the mystery of the Trinity

The Trinity for beginners, A Trinitarian Primer By Neil Ormerod, St Pauls, PB, $12.95, 95pp

While the Trinity is fundamental to Christian belief, it is a doctrine that is confusing to many people. This brief book aims to explain what the Christian tradition means by the 'Triune God'.

The author, Dr Neil Ormerod, is professor of theology at Australian Catholic University, and has published both academic and general-readership works in Australia and internationally.

These include the scholarly study, The Trinity: Retrieving the Western Tradition (2005). His new book is aimed at presenting these insights to a more general audience.

The book is presented in three main sections. The first examines the Scriptures to present the origins of Christian belief in the Trinity. Ormerod begins by considering Old Testament concepts such as the 'Spirit of God' and the 'Divine Word', which helped the writers of the New Testament to express what they had experienced in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and the sending of his Spirit.

Ormerod then looks at the evidence for a basic belief in the Trinity in the New Testament writings, and the question of what experiences led its authors to express their faith in a trinitarian manner.

- Kevin Mark

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