The monster who became a saint

One of those rare individuals who might have been called a true monster of the 20th century passed away a week or so ago, with the fairly good chance that by the time of his death he was what Catholics would call a saint.

Bernard Nathanson, who died last month, was an American medical doctor from New York who helped to found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, but who later became a pro-life activist.

If he was a saint, he was also one who had deliberately presided over, by his own estimates, the killing of approximately 75,000 innocent persons. Of these, he estimated, he had personally carried out the killing of around 7000 or so of the victims. 

Worse, he had been the key engineer in spreading his genocidal practice to numerous countries around the globe, including Australia. All of his victims were children, two of them his own.

To talk with him was as normal as talking to any other visiting tourist, an interesting person from another country, with the exception that this particular individual just happened to have something to say about the realities of killing people by the tens of thousands on the basis of extensive personal experience.

He said that, as an obstetrician and a scientist committed to the principles of objectivity and scientific truth, he had come to the inescapable conclusion that an unborn child could be nothing other than a human person with all the inalienable rights of any other human being walking around on the surface of the earth.

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