Pope wants Catholics to rediscover Book of Ruth

Pope Francis during his general audience in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican yesterday (CNS/Guglielmo Mangiapane, Reuters)

Pope Francis has urged Catholics to rediscover a book of the Bible that offers “valuable teaching on the alliance of the generations”. Source: CNA.

In his general audience address yesterday, the Pope praised the Book of Ruth’s positive depiction of relations between a woman and her mother-in-law.

“I invite you to rediscover the Book of Ruth. Especially in the meditation on love and in catechesis on the family,” he said.

“This short book also contains valuable teaching on the alliance of the generations: where youth shows itself to be capable of restoring enthusiasm to mature age – this is essential: when youth restores enthusiasm to the elderly – and old age discovers it is capable of reopening the future to wounded youth.”

The live-streamed catechesis was the seventh in a cycle on old age that the 85-year-old Pope began in February.

The Pope was speaking for the second time this week about the Book of Ruth. On Monday, he reflected on the four-chapter book in the Hebrew Bible in an address to Missionaries of Mercy.

Yesterday, he focused on the relationship between Ruth, a Moabite woman, and Naomi, her elderly Israelite mother-in-law. When Ruth’s husband died, Naomi encouraged her to return to her people, but Ruth decided to stay among the Israelite people and, with Naomi’s blessing, married a man called Boaz.

“Look how many ‘miracles’ accompany the conversion of this elderly woman,” the Pope said. “She converts to the commitment of making herself available, with love, for the future of a generation wounded by loss and at risk of abandonment.”

The Pope then urged pilgrims to strengthen their relationships with their own mothers-in-law.


Pope Francis wants Catholics to rediscover this book of the Bible (CNA)


Hope and joy reawaken when old and young come together, pope says (CNS)

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