Ballarat parish survey reveals desire for bold social change

Part of global survey

A recent survey conducted by St Columba’s Parish in the diocese of Ballarat has found support for the inclusion of homosexuals, gay and lesbian marriage, and couples using alternative means of conceiving, reports The Courier.

More than 220 people were surveyed by the church as part of a worldwide review on Catholic families being conducted by the Vatican. St Columba’s is one of 51 parishes that make up the Diocese of Ballarat.

The survey found almost 50 per cent of parishioners supported gay and lesbian couples getting married in a civil ceremony, almost 50 per cent were supportive of homosexual people having sexual relations and about 80 per cent of people were in favour of couples using alternative means for birthing a child including IVF and surrogacy. 

Parish leadership team member, Derek Streulens, supported the results and said members of the parish were not surprised by the findings. 'I’ve always found the Catholic Church to be a rather broad umbrella in which a multitude of views are contained,' he said. 

'It seems to me that some non-Catholic commentators see Catholics as unthinking automatons blindly following decrees from the top. I don’t think it’s ever been like that, to be honest. People have always made up their own minds and continue to do so.'

The survey found more than 65 per cent were in favour of de facto relationships and more than 70 per cent were in favour of people remarrying without an annulment. It also found that 60 per cent desired a more rapid rate of change in the church.

FULL STORY St Columba's survey reveals desire for radical change in church (The Courier)

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