'Staggering' Church needs elixir of God, says Nuncio

Archbishop Gallagher

The Church does not need window dressing and public relations, it needs the living spirit of God, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Apostolic Nuncio in Australia, told delegates to the Proclaim 2014 conference for parish renewal. 

- The Catholic Weekly

In a homily focussed largely on Ezekiel’s vision depicting Israel as a valley of dead and dry bones, Archbishop Gallagher last Friday told the conference in Sydney that the Church was presently “injured by innumerable self-inflicted wounds.”

“She is bloodied but staggers like a drunken man, but a cold shower of sobriety is being administered,” he told the delegates, adding that “despite the pain, we must be grateful. We would not be here if everything was beautiful in the garden that is the Catholic Church,” he said. 

“We know we live in painful, critical times. We recognise many have written us off as a shrivelled desiccated stump of a once healthy tree.

“We are struggling on many fronts and it is not easy to maintain confidence that we will regain the vital flourishing of our foundation.” 

But just like those elderly members of the community who, in spite of the limitations of old age, retained great vitality and intellectual vigour, so, too, the Church can be reanimated through its faith and hope in God.

FULL STORY God the only elixir for ‘staggering’ Church (The Catholic Weekly)

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