Archbishop of Canberra announces new safeguards body

Archbishop Prowse

The Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Christopher Prowse, has announced the establishment of a new body to handle sexual abuse complaints within the Archdiocese.

Announcing the Institute for Professional Standards and Safeguarding (IPSS) yesterday, Archbishop Prowse said: “I have instigated and aim to fully implement a governance structure that brings our survivors of sex abuse from the margins into the centre of our pastoral response.

“This is a most challenging time for us all, especially over recent weeks. The Royal Commission has uncovered afresh the pain and deep wounds of survivors and their families and friends.”

Archbishop Prowse said "the real heroes arising from this darkness are the survivors themselves. Some survivors have spoken most positively of Church officials once the abuse was reported.”

But, he added, “too many, regrettably, have spoken of being confronted by a brutal and defensive Church governance structure that refused to take responsibility.

“The aim is to support survivors with the reassurance that all our communities are safe, our children and vulnerable people are truly cared for, and the spiritual dimension of all we do is not compromised by unethical and criminal behaviour,” he said.


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