ACBC says human trafficking the result of social exclusion

Direct economic origins

Human trafficking and slavery is a terrible consequence of economic and social exclusion, according to a submission from Australia’s Catholic Bishops to a Senate inquiry.

“Exclusion is the result of a number of factors,” said Bishop Terry Brady, Chair of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, in a statement released yesterday. “It is the result of not recognising the human dignity of each person, so people are treated as an object or a means to an end.

“It happens because people are in poverty and don’t have access to adequate education or employment. It is caused by putting money and not people at the centre of the economy.”

The Commission made the submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement last month.

“One approach that should be investigated as part of a community awareness strategy is the United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act, which uses information to shine a light on the exploitation of workers. Under the UK legislation, businesses that reach a minimum turnover must issue an annual report on what they are doing to ensure their business and supply chain is not involved in human trafficking and the exploitation of workers.

“Forced marriages are another aspect of trafficking, difficult to investigate because victims and witnesses are often afraid of reprisals or of bringing shame on their families. It is much better to try to prevent forced marriages than try to convict people after the fact.

"One important piece of preventative work is a school education resource developed by Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH)."



ACBC Human trafficking is the result of economic social exclusion

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