Archbishop Coleridge warns against 'radical polarisation'

Archbishop Mark Coleridge (ACBC)

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge has urged his flock to reject American-style “ideological warfare” over Queensland’s push to decriminalise abortion. Source: The Australian.

Warning against importing the “radical polarisation” seen in the US, Archbishop Coleridge pledged to campaign “humbly but forcefully” for MPs to reject Labor’s push to legalise abortion on request for women up to 22 weeks’ pregnant.

Women more than 22 weeks’ pregnant would need two doctors to agree that a termination was appropriate given “medical circumstances” and the woman’s “current and future physical, psychological and social circumstances”.

Speaking ahead of a major pro-life demonstration in central Brisbane this Saturday, Archbishop Coleridge cautioned campaigners against relying on divisive tactics such as gruesome images and descriptions of abortion.

“I’ve said to my people that the kind of ideological warfare and the radical polarisation that accompanies it that you see in the US, I think has no place in a place like Australia,” he said.

“I don’t see myself as an ideological warrior riding into battle to defeat the forces of darkness.”

Archbishop Coleridge said “genuine sensitivity” was needed, acknowledging the Church’s “appalling record” on child sexual abuse had eroded its moral authority.

“Our voice may not be what it was, the authority of that voice may not be what it was, but that does not mean we have no role to play in the public debate,” he said.

“The most vulnerable matter most and there is no one more vulnerable than a child in the womb.”

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles has referred a claim made by Archbishop Coleridge in a video that “healthy expectant mothers will be able to have an abortion at any time in Queensland for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with health” to his own department for fact-checking.


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