If we lose God, we lose our humanity: Sheridan

Greg Sheridan (The Catholic Leader/Mark Bowling)

Christianity is in radical decline in the West and Australia will become, if it has not already, a majority atheist nation, says The Australian's foreign editor Greg Sheridan. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“Humanity is always thirsting for God, but it is in revolt against God as well,” the veteran journalist and author said.

“If we lose God, we lose something essential of our humanity.”

Sheridan said the idea for his latest book, God is Good For You: A Defence of Christianity in Troubled Times, came to him after attending some of Australia’s major writers’ festivals.

Among the hundreds of books promoted and referred to, he did not see a single one that imparted Christianity or Judaism.

“So I thought there is this knowledge gap,” he said.

“How can you know anything about western society if you don’t know about Christianity?

“And then I thought it is just a bit weird that nobody is making the case for Christianity … the broad mainstream secular culture never invites them on to the stage.”

Sheridan, who is passionate about his Catholic faith, said he believed Christians should now think of themselves as a bold minority.

“We Christians lack situational awareness,” he said.

“We still think we are representing a social consensus. And that is certainly no longer true.”

The 2016 census figures show 52 per cent of Australians identifying themselves as Christians – down from 61 per cent just five years before.

Sheridan said the “high priests of the new atheism,” writers Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, “don’t make any substantial arguments and have bluffed Christians out of their belief just by saying ‘it’s ridiculous, it’s foolish, nobody with any sense believes anymore – no scientists believe’”.

He said not only were the arguments of the new atheists untrue, answers could be found throughout the history of the Church – if you go looking.

“Christianity from the start contained everything that we like about modernity,” Sheridan said.

“For example, it said that people are significant not because they belong to a clan or a family but just inherently because of their human dignity which derives from their immortal relationship with God. And that’s been the basis of human dignity ever since.”


New book by journalist Greg Sheridan highlights the crisis of Christianity in the 21st century (The Catholic Leader

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