Heroic chaplain who saved the Crown of Thorns

Fr Jean Marc Fournier (Twitter/Eloraillere)

A Parisian chaplain who entered Notre Dame with firefighters and saved the sacred Crown of Thorns has hailed a hero for the second time. Source: News.com.au.

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Fr Jean Marc Fournier, who serves as chaplain to the Paris fire service, entered the cathedral as it burned and parts of the roof collapsed on Monday night to salvage what he could of the numerous priceless artefacts housed within.

The chaplain is no stranger to heroic acts of selfless bravery, having held prayers and assisted those grieving after horrific terrorist attacks in the French capital killed 130 people in November 2015.

Fr Fournier held keys and codes to Notre Dame that meant, once inside the burning and collapsing cathedral, he was able to unlock the artefacts and get them out from the burning building, including the Crown of Thorns, which for Catholics is a “most precious and most venerated relic”.

“The police took the Crown and I took the Holy Sacrament,” Fr Fournier told CNN.

Fr Fournier has been praised as a hero on social media, including on Twitter where the director of French Catholic television network KTO, commended the chaplain.

“Fr Fournier is an absolute hero,” a member of the emergency services told Sky News.

“He showed no fear at all as he made straight for the relics inside the cathedral, and made sure they were saved. He deals with life and death every day, and shows no fear.”

Many of the priceless artefacts and precious relics have now been relocated to the Paris City Hall or the Louvre Museum.


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