Thousands gather for rally in defence of human life

The LifeChoice WA group at the Rally for Life, Perth, May 14 (The Record/Kieran Mesquita)

More than 2000 people gathered outside Western Australia’s Parliament last week to mourn the loss of 173,000 unborn children in the 21 years since abortion was legalised in the state. Source: The Record.

Last week’s rally, organised by the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, included families, youth groups and Church leaders to pray and petition in defence of the sanctity of life.

Emeritus Archbishop Barry Hickey spoke about the sanctity of life and prayed for the unborn.

Rev. Peter Abetz, from Australian Christian Lobby, said the most dangerous place for a baby is in the mother’s womb.

“Those especially at risk are those diagnosed before birth with Down syndrome, spina bifida or dwarfism,” Rev Abetz told the rally.

“The pro-life movement, both at a state and national level, is faced with battles on many fronts,” he said.

Steve Klomp, a director for 40 Days for Life and president of Right to Life (WA), said laws would be introduced to create “bubble zones”, restrictive areas around abortion clinics where those praying outside the abortion centres and offering support, information and counselling will be expelled and face charges.

Western Australia faces the introduction of these laws that have recently passed in Tasmania and Victoria.

The other pro-life battle in Western Australia is euthanasia, which is set to be debated in parliament last this year. 

Upper House MP Nick Goiran addressed the rally on this issue, drawing attention to the possibilities of wrongful deaths occurring if this legislation passes as well as the real risks of elder abuse.


Thousands gather for rally in defence of human life (The Record)

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