Bishops call for disarmament of herders

A Turkana herder in Kenya (CNS/Goran Tomasevic, Reuters)

Church leaders in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are calling for peaceful disarmament in a common border region, where an estimated eight million illegal weapons can be found among the herder communities. Source: Crux.

The border triangle is the homeland of the Turkana and the Pokot of Kenya, the Karamoja of Uganda, Daasanach of Ethiopia and Toposa of South Sudan, who have for many centuries raided each other’s cattle as part of an age-old tradition.

At the same time, the region hosts the highest number of refugees in Africa and contributes to the international forced migration, according to Church officials.

But the cattle raiding in the recent past has turned deadly partly due to its commercialisation and politicisation.

This has spurred a demand for AK-47s and other small and light weapons, with the communities racing to arm themselves with a disastrous effect, said Bishop Dominic Kimengich of Lodwar, Kenya.

“Everyone in this region has a gun, but we are telling them that they don’t need all these weapons,” Bishop Kimengich said. He said the cycle of revenge – cattle raids and counter-raids – have created a cycle of insecurity in the area. The guns have been easy to get, according to the bishop, since the area is surrounded by countries in conflict.

“One of the sources of the guns is South Sudan, where the local communities sell their guns to buy food,” he said.

In mid-May, the leaders converged at the St Teresa Pastoral Centre in Lodwar for the interdiocesan conference on cross-border peace and evangelisation.

“We will no longer remain silent. We will no longer remain indecisive, and we will no longer be fearful. We are committed to highlighting the suffering which small arms have caused in the daily lives of our people,” the Church leaders said.

“Disarmament has to begin now,” they said. “Peaceful disarmament begins with the transformation of the individual and disarming the mind and the heart. It can be done in an environment of trust, collaboration and commitment,” the leaders said in a statement released after the conference.

The leaders proposed that the regional governments launch a simultaneous disarmament process using an “integrated peaceful disarmament approach.”


Bishops from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia call for disarmament of herders (Crux

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