New addition to 9/11 memorial a ‘monument of sensitivity’

The Memorial Glade monument at the 9-11 Memorial and Museum (

A new addition to New York's 9/11 Memorial and Museum that pays tribute to the first responders, survivors, and their families who have continued to suffer from the attacks is being praised by faith leaders as a sign of “continued hope”. Source: Crux.

Nearly 3,000 people were killed during the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001, but by 2024, it’s estimated that more individuals will have died from exposures to toxins and other hazardous materials during the resulting recovery efforts than from the attack itself.

For that reason, on May 30 – the 17th anniversary of the official end of the recovery effort at the World Trade Centre – the memorial unveiled the latest installation, known as the Memorial Glade, designed to pay tribute to those who continue to suffer and to the memory of those who have died since the attacks.

Fr Brian Jordan, a Franciscan friar who was present at Ground Zero on the day of the attack – called the glade a “monument of sensitivity” and a “stroke of genius,” recalling that he’s celebrated numerous funerals for Catholics who have died from 9/11 causes in recent years.

Each year when the anniversary rolls around, the names of those that died from the attacks are read aloud and remembered in a public way. The Memorial Glade, now a permanent part of the Ground Zero site, is a way to ensure that those who have died from illnesses related to the attacks are also remembered.

“I imagine I’ll be having more funerals in the near future,” he said, insisting it was important to memorialise all of the victims who died from that day’s attack, even if they didn’t die on the day itself.

“The Memorial Glade has been an outstanding tribute and the living reminder that we cannot forget, not those who died that day, but those who have died since that time and those who are dying at this present time,” Fr Jordan continued. “We have to remember them because they served and they’re giving the ultimate sacrifice for our country as well.”


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