WA Liberal leader says Parliament to decide this year

Liza Harvey (Facebook)

West Australian Liberal Opposition Leader Liza Harvey believes Parliament will reach a decision on euthanasia legislation before the end of the year. Source: The West Australian.

Ms Harvey flagged an amendment to prevent doctors raising assisted dying with patients as the change likely to get the bill across the line.

Debate on the contentious new law, which is before the upper house, threatens to stretch out for months after conservative Liberal Nick Goiran gave notice of 357 proposed amendments spanning 64 pages.

But Ms Harvey insisted her party was working behind the scenes with Health Minister Roger Cook to ensure MPs had an opportunity to vote on the bill before Christmas.

“I have (spoken with Nick Goiran) and Nick told me that it is his intention to have the legislation through by the end of the year and that it is his intention for the legislation to go to a vote,” she said.

“Roger Cook has been working very, very tightly with both me and with Peter Collier who is the leader of the Liberals in the Upper House and with the Australian Medical Association (WA) as well.

“We’ve managed to get the agreement of Minister Cook for some amendments, specifically amendments that Tony Buti put forward that I supported, that I believe would make the legislation safer for vulnerable people.”

Mr Buti’s proposed amendment – one of more than a dozen that failed to win support in the Lower House – would prohibit doctors from initiating conversations about euthanasia with their patients.

It is motivated by a fear that the power imbalance between medical professionals and their patients – particularly the elderly or those with a disability – might make those living with a terminal illness feel pressured to access euthanasia.


Opposition Leader Liza Harvey convinced voluntary assisted dying decision will happen before Christmas (The West Australian

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