Respect life to the very end: Bishop Harris

Bishop Tim Harris (ACBC)

Townsville Bishop Tim Harris advocated strongly against euthanasia in his weekend homily, saying it was important to have a conversation on the “grim” topic. Source: Townsville Bulletin.

Bishop Harris joined all Brisbane and Townsville parishes and others across Queensland in outlining the Church’s firm position that the introduction of voluntary assisted dying laws would be against Catholic beliefs.

The push to legalise voluntary assisted dying in Queensland continues following the State Government’s committee hearings, which could result in new laws being presented to Parliament early next year.

“I’m not suggesting any evil intent on people with a different view to me, good people are believing that voluntary assisted (dying) is the way to go and I respect their views but I’ve also got to be in there and say there is another way and challenge it, just as they’ll be challenging me,” Bishop Harris said.

“The Church wants to emphasise that we are created in the image and light of God and because of that it puts us right up there at the top in terms of God’s creations.

“Our bodies are the temple of God and his holy spirit and you don’t muck around with that, you respect it to the very end.”

Bishop Harris likened euthanasia to the Nazi Germany era and said it would diminish the value of life.

“It reminds me of Nazi Germany, these are some of the things that people did because if someone was not 100 per cent, crippled, if they had something wrong with them, if they were aged or not of use to society any more the state then would select certain people and say we’ll experiment on you or we’ll kill you because you’re not worth anything,” he said.

“I believe to assist someone to die in an intentional manner is clearly intentional killing and the church does not believe in intentional killing.”

Instead, Bishop Harris said there should be more attention on improving palliative care services.

“A state-sanctioned voluntary assisted suicide can have all the safeguards it likes but even then things can go wrong, the best safeguard is not to do it,” he said.


Townsville Bishop outlines church’s belief on euthanasia during dedicated mass (Townsville Bulletin

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