Pandemic reveals our everyday heroes


For many parents, schooling during COVID-19 has been a challenge and a return to the classroom will bring huge relief for some but now, more than ever, we must appreciate the efforts of our teachers, writes Dr Wayne Tinsey. Source: Herald Sun.

While many homes have enjoyed the bonding experiences of remote learning, for many it has been a challenging time, especially for those suffering financially as a result of COVID-19 and for those juggling remote working.

One thing that will stay with us will be a new-found appreciation for our teachers. We have been given an insight into the work of teachers and developed a deep appreciation for how they kept schooling happening in the most complex of times.

Our society has realised how dependent we are on the people who do “ordinary” jobs; those who, in normal times, we can tend to take for granted. During this time, our rubbish is still being collected, our police and firefighters are still responding, our hospitals are still being staffed, our supermarkets are replenished, and our students are still being taught.

The “ordinary” has become the site of the heroic. These professions have proven themselves to be extraordinary.

As schools in Victoria plan for a welcome return to face-to-face teaching, it is important that we recognise just what has happened in education over the past couple months.

It has been the biggest educational change in more than 100 years. With little notice and minimal preparation time, teachers were able to undertake unprecedented adaptation and innovation, to ensure that education would continue during the most difficult of times.

There is no doubt that reflection on what has been achieved in recent months will result in a transformation of education practice for generations.

Dr Wayne Tinsey is Executive Director of Edmund Rice Education Australia.


Wayne Tinsey: How pandemic has revealed our everyday heroes(Herald Sun)


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