Love triumphs over evil in ‘inspirational’ film

Djimon Hounsou and Greg Kinnear in Same Kind Of Different As Me (IMDB)

Same Kind Of Different As Me, as the title suggests, is about human similarities and differences in the context of American society. Source: ACOFB.

Review by Fr Peter Malone MSC, ACOFB.

Based on a true story, this is the kind of film that gets the label “inspirational”.

The words of the title are spoken by Denver Moore (Djimon Hounsou) at the funeral of his friend and woman he admired and who had asked that he speak at her funeral, Debbie Hall (Renée Zellweger). Denver is also friends with Debbie’s husband, Ron Hall ( Greg Kinnear).

Ron is an art dealer and something of a celebrity. The film flashes back two years and we see the couple seemingly happily with two children. We find that he has been unfaithful to her.

In some ways, Debbie seems too good to be true. But she is good. She forgives her husband and his mistress. She works diligently at the soup kitchen and convinces Ron to join her.

One of the clients of the soup kitchen is Denver Moore, an irascible man who causes a lot of disruptions and is seemingly absorbed in himself and his woes.

The film veers towards the story of Denver. The audience is taken back to his time on the cotton fields and the world of slavery. His desire for freedom result in a bad decision and has a profound effect on his life.

This about of good people, their struggles and triumph over evil.

Released in 2017, Same Kind Of Different As Me is available to rent or purchase on Apple TV, Microsoft and Amazone Prime.

Same Kind Of Different As Me: Starring Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight, Olivia Holt, Geraldine Singer. Directed by Michael Carney. 119 minutes. Rated PG (Mild themes and violence)


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