Socially-distanced 'slow dating' revives romance

Dating coach Samantha Jayne believes the pandemic has been great for dating culture (Pixabay)

Many young Australians are embracing the pandemic-influenced trend of “slow dating”, where they take the time to get to know a person better and slow down the swipes on dating apps. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Dating app Bumble, which now allows singles to signal their interest in virtual or social distanced dating, surveyed almost 400 of its Australian users and about two-thirds said their dating behaviours had changed, with many embracing a longer courtship period and setting the trust bar higher before meeting.

One in three of these respondents also said they were now less concerned about physical appearance and more interested in personality.

Bumble's country lead for Australia, Lucille McCart said that previously they would see people go on dates pretty quickly after matching up because that was the end goal.

But she said during these socially distanced times there is a totally different concept for dating with more importance place on conversation that perhaps people skipped over before in the rush to go out for drinks and dinner.

Dating coach Samantha Jayne believes the past few months have been great for dating culture.

She said that trying to meet right away is the wrong attitude as it leaves you going on dates with people you don’t really know. She says chatting for one to three months first works well.

'A refreshing change': Singles embrace the 'slow dating' trend (by Sophie Aubrey, Sydney Morning Herald)

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