Victoria establishes truth and justice commission

A truth and justice commission could help right past wrongs against Aboriginal people, advocates say (Bigstock)

Victoria will set up a truth and justice process to formally recognise historical wrongs and ongoing injustices against Aboriginal people, the first state or territory to undertake such a commission. Source: The Guardian.

The process will work in parallel with the treaty process currently underway, and will be designed and led by the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.

The terms of reference for a truth-telling process are yet to be determined but the work would begin immediately, the Minister for Aboriginal affairs, Gabrielle Williams, said.

The First Nations Assembly of Victoria voted last month for a truth and justice process. The Bangerang Wiradjuri co-chair of the assembly, Geraldine Atkinson, said there would now be community consultation to determine its scope and form.

The Taungurung Assembly co-chair, Marcus Stewart, said this was a historic moment for Victoria built on decades of activism and generations of aspiration.

He said truth-telling was critical to moving forward and healing as a state.

Reparations or redress could form part of a truth-telling process, they said, noting the state has already established a redress scheme for members of the stolen generations.

Ms Williams said truth and justice processes had been established in countries such as South Africa, Canada and New Zealand, uncovering and acknowledging past human rights violations and ongoing injustices towards First Peoples.


Victoria to set up Australia's first truth and justice commission to recognise wrongs against Aboriginal people (The Guardian)


Victoria to establish truth and justice process as part of Aboriginal treaty process (ABC News)

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