Archdiocese adds $2.5 billion to Queensland economy

An aerial shot of St Stephen/s Cathedral and chapel in Brisbane (The Catholic Leader)

A ground-breaking study shows the Brisbane Archdiocese makes a $2.5 billion contribution to the Queensland economy through its parishes, schools and agencies. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“I think even our own aren’t aware of how significant our contribution is and the extent of the work we do,” Brisbane Archdiocese director of government relations Cathy Uechtritz said.

It’s the first time a socio-economic study of this size and scope has examined the community role of the Church, stretching across south-east Queensland, taking in 17 local government areas, 24 federal and 70 state electorates.

The study is now available on the Brisbane Archdiocese website included as part of a demographic snapshot and community contribution of the Church.

Information is broken down into easy to read infographics that quantify the direct contribution and flow-on benefits from spending and employment through its social services and education agencies across its 98 parishes, 144 Brisbane Catholic Education schools with 72,492 students, and more than 27,000 participants in early education care.

There are 12,992 aged care and disability clients, support for 8362 seniors to live well in their home and community, support to 23,000 people affected by domestic violence and help for more than 4,000 people living with mental illness.

“Being Catholic and an employee of the Archdiocese I understand the extent of the work the Catholics do, but no one had actually quantified it,” Ms Uechtritz said.

“The study is a really good education tool, not just for the politicians with whom I work, but for all our employees, all Catholics and the general public.”


New study shows Archdiocese of Brisbane contributes $2.5 billion to Queensland economy (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader

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