Catholic winemaker welcomes mandatory warnings on bottles

Multi-coloured pregnancy warnings on alcoholic beverages will be mandatory (Bigstock)

Catholic winemaker Tim Kirk has welcomed new regulations to protect pregnant women and the unborn with alcohol warning labels, but says the industry was wrongly portrayed for questioning the cost of the requirements. Source: The Catholic Leader.

The Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation on July 17 accepted new standards proposed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand to make mandatory multi-coloured pregnancy warnings on alcoholic beverages, ABC News reported.

New warning labels will need to be printed in red, black and white, and will sit underneath a heading reading "Pregnancy Warning". The alcohol industry said it supported making warnings mandatory but warned that mandating the use of colours would be costly.

Mr Kirk, who is the chief winemaker of Clonakilla, located outside Canberra, said he was “entirely supportive” of the move.

“Certainly personally I welcome the focus within the wider community and in particular the health community on the safety and wellbeing of the unborn child,” said Mr Kirk, who is a member of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community in Canberra.

He said Clonakilla had for at least five years been voluntarily placing a pregnancy warning label – which includes a pregnant woman holding a glass of wine – but the label only uses two colours.

Mr Kirk said the concerns about costs were real, though it wouldn’t overwhelm Clonakilla.

He said he welcomed all efforts by the wider community to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their unborn.

“What could be more important as a society than being actively engaged in supporting the wellbeing and health of pregnant women and the children they carry,” he said.


Catholic winemaker supports pregnancy warning labels, says debate has wrongly portrayed industry (By Emilie Ng, The Catholic Leader

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