History of Australian Catholics just a click away

The Australian Catholic Historical Society website (ACHS)

Key topics in the history of the Catholic community in Australia can now be explored on the Australian Catholic Historical Society’s upgraded website.

A page on architecture, art, drama and music displays the breadth of Catholic culture, while one on intellectual life shows the depth of Catholic contributions to philosophy, theology, literature and the theory of society.

The timeline of Australian Catholic history has proved popular on the site. Other pages are on Catholic charities, Catholic involvement with Indigenous Australians, women in the Church, Irish Catholics, and the sexual abuse crisis.

ACHS vice-president Professor James Franklin said: “Each page gives an easy-to-use overview of the topic, with a wealth of links for further browsing. Anyone, from school student to leisured retiree, can quickly gain an insight into any aspect of the rich Catholic heritage of our country.”

Founded in 1940, the ACHS has a long tradition of talks and produces a journal and newsletter. With its regular program of talks in Sydney and Melbourne suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Society determined to make its knowledge widely available in a new and accessible format.

ACHS President Dr John Carmody said he “welcomed new developments” in being able to tell the history of the Church in Australia through the revamped website.

“We are what our history has made us: we cannot understand any aspect of ourselves without understanding our history and that understanding is important for us all.”

Details: Australian Catholic Historical Society resources


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