Survey finds one in six teens has been homeless

The survey was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia (Bigstock)

One in six Australians aged between 15 and 19 have reported being homeless at least once, a new survey has revealed. Source: Domain.

Those who experienced homelessness were also more likely to have poor mental health and to have considered suicide.

The grim findings come from Mission Australia’s report Staying Home: A Youth Survey, which asked questions of 25,126 young people about their home lives.

Statistics from the study revealed 17.1 per cent of young people had experienced homelessness, with 18.8 per cent revealing that it had happened before the age of 12.

Of those who had been homeless, 51.7 per cent reported feeling psychological distress in the survey – more than twice those that had a more stable home life.

Teenagers who had been homeless were also much more likely to run into barriers to succeeding at school or work with 67.8 per cent identifying issues with their future success. These barriers included financial problems and a lack of family support.

They were also more likely to have been bullied, with 39.7 per cent of youth who had been homeless reporting being pushed around, twice as many as those who lived at home.

The survey, which was completed last year before the coronavirus pandemic, did not take into account the young people forced from their homes when COVID-19 hit.


Homeless young Aussies: One in six teenagers have been homeless new survey reveals (By Melissa Heagney, Domain)


Young people in Australia have experienced homelessness (Mission Australia) 

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