Christian families ‘not immune’ to domestic violence

Family violence support workers say COVID-19 isolation has exacerbated the situation (Bigstock)

Surging domestic violence cases during the COVID-19 crisis is a pandemic within a pandemic, according to Church workers on the frontline of violence education and prevention. Source: The Catholic Leader.

They say Church communities “provided no immunity” to the domestic violence scourge.

Months of restrictions have created “a perfect storm” of conditions with stay-at-home orders, school closures, and many workers laid off or told to work from home.

“Because people are isolated more it’s a perfect storm for people who already have control over a victim,” said Evangelisation Brisbane project officer Carole Danby, who is a member of the Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project (JCDVPP).

“It just means they are isolated more from family support people.”

The JCDVPP has launched a series of webinars aimed at increasing the awareness of clergy, church leaders and pastoral carers of domestic family violence.

Ms Danby said Christian families were as prone as anyone else to domestic violence in all its forms – physical violence, economic abuse and coercive behaviour.

“The whole COVID-19 isolation has exacerbated the situation,” she said.

“We’re saying it happens as much in Christian families and households as it does in the mainstream.”

JCDVPP chair Felicity Bailey confirmed that belonging to a Church community had “provided no immunity” to domestic violence during the COVID-19 lockdown.

To boost its campaign against domestic violence, the JCDVPP is preparing an updated training handbook, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Questions Women Ask About Domestic and Family Violence and Christian Beliefs.


Church workers say Christians families not immune to domestic violence ‘pandemic’ (The Catholic Leader

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