Pope tells world leaders not to exploit pandemic

Pope Francis delivers his video message to the Latin American seminar yesterday (CNS/Vatican Media)

Government leaders and authorities must not exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to discredit political rivals but instead set aside differences to find “viable solutions for our people”, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNS.

In a video message to participants at a virtual seminar about the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, the Pope said leaders should not “encourage or endorse or use mechanisms that make this serious crisis a tool of an electoral or social nature”.

“Discrediting the other only succeeds in destroying the possibility of finding agreements that help alleviate the effects of the pandemic in our communities, especially on the most excluded,” Francis said.

“Who pays (the price) for this process of discrediting?” he asked. “The people pay for it; we progress in discrediting the other at the expense of the poorest, at the expense of the people.”

Elected officials and public servants, he added, are called to “be at the service of the common good and not place the common good at the service of their interests.”

“We all know the dynamics of the corruption that goes on in this area. And this is also true for the men and women of the Church,” the Pope said.

Corruption within the Church, he said, is “a true leprosy that sickens and kills the Gospel.”

The two-day seminar, which concludes today, is titled, “Latin America: Church, Pope Francis and scenarios of the pandemic”. It is sponsored by Pontifical Commission for Latin America, the as Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the Latin American bishops’ conference.


World leaders must not use pandemic for political gain, pope says (By Junno Arocho Esteves, CNS

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