Queensland bishops urge scrapping of proposed laws

Bishop Tim Harris and Archbishop Mark Coleridge (ACBC)

Queensland bishops have demanded the state’s political leaders become “promoters of life, not agents of death” by scrapping proposed euthanasia laws. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“We’re just colluding with a culture of death,” Townsville Bishop Tim Harris said.

“It’s even worse in the midst of a global pandemic where there’s death everywhere and here is the Government (wanting to) legislate to take people out.

“In light of the worldwide deaths COVID has caused, in light of the economic damage, in light of the mental illness that this whole COVID issue has created, domestic violence as well, people have turned on each other.”

The north Queensland churchman is the Australian Catholic Bishops’ delegate for euthanasia and sees the end of 2020 as a chance for Queensland MPs to take stock on life and commit to oppose voluntary assisted dying legislation, planned to be introduce into Parliament next May.

After an election promise to fast track euthanasia laws, the Government bowed to a backlash and announced on December 14 that the introduction of euthanasia legislation would be delayed from February until May.

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge said a few more months would “give the Law Reform Commission the time it needs and members of Parliament the time they need to address the deep and complex issues rather than make a quick and shallow call”.


Bishops urge scrapping of proposed euthanasia laws after government defers (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader

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