Broken Bay puts school fee rises on hold

Under the 2021 fee schedule, no family will pay more than they would have under the 2020 fee schedule (Broken Bay Diocese)

Catholic Schools Broken Bay has announced school fees across all 44 schools in the diocese will not be increased in 2021.

Under the new 2021 fee schedule, no family will pay more than they would have under the 2020 fee schedule.

After a difficult year for families in 2020, with many impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Broken Bay Bishop Anthony Randazzo emphasised that Catholic Schools Broken Bay remains firm in its commitment that no family will be denied a Catholic education because of financial difficulties.

“To further assist our families, not only are we holding fees, we are also increasing the discounts we apply to siblings and continue to offer generous COVID fee relief support to all families in 2021,” Bishop Randazzo said.

The discounts include maintaining the COVID Fee Relief program up until the end of Term 1 for those on JobKeeper and until the end of Term 3 for those on JobSeeker and increasing the education fee sibling discount rate.

A more streamlined method of invoicing will be introduced in 2021, providing a more “user friendly” invoice to families.

Director of Schools, Mr Danny Casey, said: “Our new format invoice reflects a single education fee merging the previously separated fees of tuition, building levy, school resource fee and other locally determined fees. Our sibling discount is applied to the new Education Fee, previously, the sibling discounts only applied to the Tuition fee, providing a further benefit to our families


Catholic Schools Broken Bay Hold Fees in 2021 (Catholic Education Broken Bay)

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