Prime Minister urged to sign weapons treaty

Bishop Terry Brady (ACBC)

The Bishop Delegate for Social Justice has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, urging Australia to join the countries who have signed a treaty to ban nuclear weapons that comes into force today. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

The majority of United Nations member states, including the Holy See, have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Australia, however, has not yet become a signatory.

In his letter to Mr Morrison, Bishop Terry Brady explained that the elimination of nuclear weapons would be a major step towards creating peace in the world.

“Experience has taught us that the threat of mutual destruction – with the possibility of the total destruction of humankind and our common home – cannot provide a foundation for peace and security in the multipolar world of the twenty-first century,” Bishop Brady wrote.

“Nuclear weapons are incapable of addressing terrorism, asymmetrical conflicts, cybersecurity, ecological problems, or poverty.

“Any use of nuclear weapons is clearly immoral as they are inherently indiscriminate and their impact is uncontainable in time and space.”

Bishop Brady’s letter is not the first effort by Catholic and other religious leaders to call for the Australian Government to sign the treaty.

In August last year, dozens of religious groups, including the Bishops Commission for Social Justice, Mission and Service, Catholic Religious Australia and a number of religious institutes signed an open letter to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

“It is time for Australia to begin the process of stepping away from all involvement with nuclear weapons by signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons,” Bishop Brady said.


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