Five new ACU books tackle ‘real world’ issues

Professor James Nyland, Dr David Kirchhoffer, Dr Joel Hodge, Dr Antonia Pizzey, Rev Associate Professor Ormond Rush with Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Professor Zlatko Skrbiš at the launch  (ACU)

Recent books published by Australian Catholic University authors illustrate the breadth of the university’s research and its relevance to contemporary living.

ACU held a launch at the McAuley Campus in Brisbane to celebrate the books in theology, ethics and engagement published over the past year – when COVID-19 prevented timely launches.

ACU Vice-Chancellor and President Zlatko Skrbiš emphasised the real-world value of the research.

“These books span the subject areas of theology, ethics and engagement — areas that speak directly to ACU’s mission, and to the fundamental tenets that form the basis of our institutional ambition,” Professor Skrbiš said.

“All five books being celebrated here today have a real impact on the communities we serve, and address many of the concerns of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church.

“These works contemplate the ‘good’ such as ecumenism, research ethics and a renewed vision for the Vatican and seek to address what have been termed the ‘wicked’ issues including inequality, exclusion, exploitation, climate change and violent extremism.”

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge also acknowledged the value of the research.

“Each book in its own way shows that there’s light as well as heat in Brisbane. Each contributes substantially to the engagement of faith and reason in Australia and beyond at a time when that is more necessary than ever.”

The five new books are:

  • The Vision of Vatican II: Its Fundamental Principles by Rev Associate Professor Ormond Rush
  • Beyond Autonomy: Limits and Alternatives to Informed Consent in Research Ethics and Law, edited by Dr David Kirchhoffer
  • Violence in the Name of God: The Militant Jihadist Response to Modernity by Dr Joel Hodge
  • Receptive Ecumenism and the Renewal of the Ecumenical Movement: The Path of Ecclesial Conversion by Dr Antonia Pizzey
  • Engagement Matters: Curriculum challenges for universities by Professor James Nyland and Professor David Davies.


Five new ACU books to tackle ‘real world’ issues (ACU) 

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