Violence in the driving seat for heist thriller

Jason Statham in The Wrath of Man (IMDB)

The Wrath of Man, starring Jason Statham and directed by Guy Ritchie, is an English-language remake of the 2004 French action thriller, Le Convoyeur (Cash Truck). Source: Jesuit Media.

Statham portrays Patrick Hill, known as H, who takes a job as a security guard for a truck company called Fortico Securities. The company delivers cash collected from banks, casinos and department stores in the city of Los Angeles. To handle the requirements of his job, H learns the rules from a new partner, Bullet (Holt McCallany).

The vehicles that cart the cash around are subjected frequently to attempted hold-ups by criminals in Los Angeles’s underworld, and its trucks have often been ambushed in the past.

A major attack is planned by a crime syndicate, and H and Bullet are targets in the robbery of a huge cash load.

H has been especially hired to protect Fortico Securities from criminal heists, and he has amply demonstrated that he is an expert marksman who shoots to kill. His ruthless character is reinforced by the fact he is an undercover crime boss, out for revenge.

For the lucrative heist, a group of ex-military men is led by Jackson (Jeffrey Donovan), and the group has been assembled and groomed for combative, military-type action.

Ritchie is well known for directing British gangster films and he and Statham have worked closely together in four movies

This is a movie which assumes that viewers are buying their tickets to enjoy the display of violence. Such is morally problematic, but within the chosen genre the movie is well photographed, its pace is frenetic and the film holds its tension.

The violence shown tenuously fits the movie’s plot and its nature is never in doubt. The filmed aggression is strong, frequent, savagely ruthless, dehumanising, and reliably ghoulish.

Reviewed by Peter W Sheehan is an Associate of Jesuit Media

Wrath of Man: Starring Jason Statham, Holt McCallany, and Jeffrey Donovan. Also, Laz Alonso. Directed by Guy Ritchie. Rated MA15+. Restricted (Strong themes, violence and coarse language). 119 min.


The Wrath of Man (Jesuit Media) 

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