Good Sams help refugees with medical costs

Refugees often have to decide between medications and other pressing financial priorities, frontline support workers say. (Bigstock)

Refugees and asylum-seekers are being supplied with crucial medicines thanks to a collaboration between The Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation and Jesuit Refugee Service. Source: The Good Oil.

The Good Sams Foundation Refugee Medical Fund assists JRS clients by providing Emergency Relief payments for critical medication or other health-related expenses that may otherwise be unattainable.

The need for such funding to help asylum-seekers with their medical expenses was brought to the attention of the Foundation by Good Samaritan Sister Sarah Puls when she was working at JRS.

“It became clear that we needed a fund just for medical costs, because before we had that we had to draw from a general emergency fund, which also had to cover other pressing needs, such as accommodation and food. We had to continually weigh up all the different needs that asylum-seekers have,” Sarah says.

“It was obvious we needed funding that was set aside for medical costs, that wouldn’t get eaten up in other areas.”

Maeve Brown, Programs and Service Delivery Manager with JRS, says the Refugee Medical Fund plays an important role in their ministry to people seeking asylum in Australia as they have little to no support options outside of the asylum-seeking, charity sector.

In the 12 months to December 2020, a total of 41 clients/families, comprising 64 adults and 26 children, were assisted by the Good Sams Foundation Refugee Medical Fund through the provision of 106 payments totalling $6380.


Funding for medication supports refugees and asylum seekers (The Good Oil)

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