‘Education is a place where daily small miracles can occur’

Br Garry Coyte (De La Salle Brothers)

Br Garry Coyte first left his mark as a school leader at De La Salle Orange in the early 1960s. Now, after being a principal at five De La Salle colleges and an educational consultant, he has returned to school. Source: De La Salle Brothers.

Br Garry’s return to school life has been as staff mentor and coach at Oakhill College Castle Hill in Greater Western Sydney. His role focuses on promoting growth in leadership for middle managers and working with new staff to promote quality learning and teaching.

Complementing this ministry is Br Garry’s role in developing resilient and better leadership in Lasallian schools in Papua New Guinea and Pakistan via Zoom.

School as a Christian ministry has been central in his life but without great forethought and planning.

Br Garry said failure at secondary school led to his journey into becoming a De La Salle Brother in the Church.

“Somehow God was using failure for me to lead me on this journey,” Br Garry said.

“The daily life of school gives me energy, and the youth keep me positive and happy. Education is a place where daily small miracles can occur. I want to be an instrument to allow such miracles to happen.”

Today, his commitment is fired by “a love of Christ through scripture reflection, and through the Christian Meditation movement”.


A principal always learning (By Br Gary Wilson, De La Salle Brothers)

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