Pope calls for global approach to poverty

The theme this year is “The poor you will always have with you” (Vatican Media)

“The very concept of democracy is jeopardised” when the poor are marginalised and treated as if they are to blame for their condition, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNA.

In his World Day of the Poor message, the Pope appealed for a new global approach to poverty.

“This is a challenge that governments and world institutions need to take up with a farsighted social model capable of countering the new forms of poverty that are now sweeping the world and will decisively affect coming decades,” he wrote.

“If the poor are marginalised, as if they were to blame for their condition, then the very concept of democracy is jeopardised and every social policy will prove bankrupt.”

This year’s World Day of the Poor will be held on November 14. The theme is “The poor you will always have with you,” the words of Jesus recorded in Mark 14:7 after a woman anointed him with precious ointment.

While Judas and others were scandalised by the gesture, Jesus accepted it, the Pope said, because he saw it as pointing to the anointing of his body after his crucifixion.

“Jesus was reminding them that he is the first of the poor, the poorest of the poor, because he represents all of them. It was also for the sake of the poor, the lonely, the marginalised and the victims of discrimination, that the Son of God accepted the woman’s gesture,” the Pope wrote.

“With a woman’s sensitivity, she alone understood what the Lord was thinking. That nameless woman, meant perhaps to represent all those women who down the centuries would be silenced and suffer violence, thus became the first of those women who were significantly present at the supreme moments of Christ’s life: his crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection.”

The Pope continued: “Women, so often discriminated against and excluded from positions of responsibility, are seen in the Gospels to play a leading role in the history of revelation.”


Pope Francis: Marginalising the poor threatens ‘the very concept of democracy’ (CNA)


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