Good Samaritan Education celebrates 10 years

(Good Samaritan Education)

Today is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Good Samaritan Education, which continues the work of the Good Samaritan Sisters in providing a distinctive Catholic education, writes Moira Najdecki.

In a year in which we celebrate 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia, I have reflected on the enormous contribution of the Good Samaritan Sisters to education. What a privilege it is to continue the work that began with the first Australian order of nuns in the 1850s.

I often reflect on the great diversity of that first group who ranged in age from 19 to 56 – all risk-takers and challengers, responding to the education and pastoral needs of the early colony.

It was in that same spirit that, alive to the spirit of change, the Sisters invited laity to join them not just in the ministry of teaching, but in the mission of keeping alive the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition in education.

Thursday, July 22, 2011, was a momentous occasion that resulted from many years of discussion, consultation and planning to establish an entity that would enable the 10 Australian Good Samaritan schools to continue to pursue their mission of providing a distinctive Catholic education.

This new ecclesial community was created with a governance structure that was collegial in nature; one that sought to provide direction and sustainability as Good Samaritan Education developed and flourished. And flourish it has.

Moira Najdecki is the chair of Good Samaritan Education


Good Samaritan Education celebrates 10 years (Good Samaritan Education)

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