Nurses speak out against euthanasia

Margaret Gilbert (The Catholic Leader)

A Queensland nurses association with 8,000 members says legalising euthanasia would transform nursing from “saving lives and doing no harm to taking lives”. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Queensland parliament is expected to debate and vote on a Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in September.

The Nurses’ Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ) is standing firm against proposed law changes – a position directly opposed to the Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union with more than 60,000 members and a history dating back to 1921.

“The right to life is a bedrock, fundamental right,” the NPAQ’s president, Margaret Gilbert, said in a parliamentary submission lodged on July 1.

“…the importance of upholding the right to life through preservation has been a critical part of the medical profession since the Hippocratic Oath.

“The role of the nurse under the current system is to preserve life and to do no harm. Changing the law to allow for VAD would radically change this role for the worse.”

The NPAQ, an industrial association of employees (an unregistered trade union), claims the potential impact of VAD on nursing has been totally neglected in the current debate.

Meanwhile, a “March for Life” in Brisbane on August 28 aims to rally public opposition against euthanasia just days before Queensland’s parliament starts debating euthanasia.

Cherish Life is organising the event as a final push to persuade Queensland MPs against supporting the Bill.


Nurses speak out against voluntary assisted dying (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader)

March for Life targets Queensland’s “dangerous” voluntary assisted dying bill (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader)

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