Cage shines in meditation on the meaning of loss

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Pig tells the story of a lonely truffle hunter who returns from the wilderness to the city to try and find his beloved pig, which has been kidnapped, as well as peace of mind. Source: Jesuit Media.

Rob Feld (Nicolas Cage) lives alone in his wilderness cabin in the woods of Oregon with a truffle-hunting pig, named Pig, that keeps him company. Together, they hunt for truffles, which are delivered to Portland’s finest restaurants. Pig finds only the best truffles for Rob, and Rob dotes on Pig.

Rob often thinks of his ex-wife who has passed away. The film hardly ever mentions her, but her death has driven him away from society.

Rob’s world comes tumbling down one night when he is assaulted by unknown assailants and Pig is kidnapped and dragged squealing into the night.

Rob thinks he knows where the criminals must be, and he goes to the city of Portland to find his Pig, with the help of his truffle dealer, Amir (Alex Wolff).

Rob himself was once a key figure among the restaurants of Portland, and he was widely respected as one of the city’s top chefs. His familiarity with Portland’s culinary culture-world helps him in his quest, and he wanders through the city, making contact with people he knew in the past. In doing so, he re-experiences a society that he had left behind.

Director Michael’s Sarnoski delivers some violent scenes, especially when the plot shows Rob interacting with a group of highly aggressive drug addicts. There is cruelty in those scenes, but the movie has some powerful satirical moments. It is a melancholy film on love and loss with an inventive plot line. Its tone is mingled astutely with a revealing critique of society’s gourmet food culture.

The movie is a return to great acting form by Nicholas Cage. Cage delivers a powerful emotional performance as a lonely man rediscovering his past by connecting with forgotten features of himself that went missing in the existence that he chose for himself.

Pig: Starring Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin, and David Knell. Directed by Michael Sarnoski. Rated MA15+. Restricted. (Strong coarse language and violence). 91 min. In cinemas now.


Pig (Jesuit Media via Australian Catholics)

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