Religious schools to lose right to sack LGBTQ staff

Jaclyn Symes (Facebook/Jaclyn Symes)

Religious schools in Victoria will be banned from discriminating against staff on the basis of their sexuality, gender identity or marital status, under legislation to be introduced by the state government later this year. Source: The Guardian.

Religious schools in Victoria currently have the power to sack or refuse to hire LGBTIQ+ people on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity, and marital status.

Victoria's Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes said the state was out of step with other parts of Australia.

She said the changes were being made to ease the fears some teachers and employees at religious schools had of being outed to their employers and losing their job.

Religious organisations will still be able to employ people based on their religious belief where it is critical to the job, and there will be no change in how schools will convey their religious beliefs to students.

Religious organisations that receive Government funding for services will not be able to refuse to provide those services to people based on their sexuality or gender identity.

The Government said it would consult with relevant LGBTIQ+, education groups and faith groups before the legislation is introduced into parliament.

The Victorian legislation could be set for a showdown against federal religious discrimination legislation the Coalition Government has promised since marriage equality passed into law in 2017, and is expected to be released in the next month.


Religious schools in Victoria will lose right to sack workers based on sexuality in law change (By Josh Taylor, The Guardian)


Religious schools in Victoria to lose the right to sack LGBTQ staff (The Age

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