Don't be accessories to abortion: Pope to pharmacists


All health care professionals have a right to conscientious objection, just as they have a right to denounce unjust harm inflicted on innocent and defenceless life, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: Crux.

When it comes to abortion, “I have been very clear — it is homicide and it is not licit to become complicit,” he told a group of pharmacists and other medical professionals.

The Pope’s remarks came during an audience at the Vatican with about 150 health care professionals attending a national congress sponsored by an Italian association of pharmacists working in hospitals or for the government health service.

The Pope said the congress would be an important occasion to reemphasise the importance of having a nationwide public health care system, calling it “an essential element for guaranteeing the common good and the social growth of a country”.

He encouraged pharmacists and those they work with to continue to serve their patients with “patience, consistency and precision,” especially as their responsibilities are often hidden and their duties “routine.”

The “ethical dimension” of their profession must be supported and protected, he said. As individuals, all pharmacists handle “medicinal products that may, however, turn into poison.”

They must be vigilant to make sure their goal always is to protect “the life of the patient in all of its aspects,” he said.

“You are always at the service of human life, and this may, in certain cases, lead to conscientious objection, which is not disloyalty, rather the opposite, (it is) loyalty to your profession, if validly motivated,” he said.

“The throwaway culture must never undermine your profession,” he said.


Pope to pharmacists: Do not become accessories to homicide of abortion (By Carol Glatz, Crux

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