Minister accused of ‘leading war’ against religious groups

Rookwood Catholic Cemetery is one cemetery managed by the Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries and Crematoria Trust (The Catholic Leader/Giovanni Portelli)

Catholic cemetery operators say New South Wales Property Minister Melinda Pavey is leading an ongoing war on religious groups by continuing her push to remove faith-based groups from the management of cemeteries. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Ms Pavey last month issued a notice to the Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries and Crematoria Trust (CMCT) that it would be placed into administration on October 1, which has been extended until December 30..

This was despite the NSW Government informing Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP in June that the CMCT would be permitted to continue its work providing affordable, faith-based burial services, as it has for more than 150 years.

Ms Pavey recently merged three other struggling and unsustainable state-controlled cemetery trusts into a single model called One Crown.

CMCT director Danny Casey said Ms Pavey is attempting to fold the unprofitable operators into the profitable and successful CMCT and the public should be sceptical about the Minister’s motives.

“It is no surprise that Minister Pavey is seeking to merge the CMCT and One Crown, which through many years of mismanagement, is facing a $160 million shortfall while the CMCT has about the same sum in surplus, perpetual care funds to ensure many faith groups can bury their dead,” Mr Casey said.


Minister’s war on graves (By Michael Kenny, The Catholic Weekly

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